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Why I Won’t Get Off My List Building High Horse

Why I Won't Get Off My List Building High Horse

Balboa Park is the most beautiful area in all of San Diego. Inspired by Spanish architecture, the many museums, water features and galleries throughout the park are simply divine. The thirty artist studios, the tea house even the walk from the car park were simply enchanting.

A beautiful friend recommended I visit Prado Restaurant while exploring Balboa Park and I’ll be forever grateful I did.

Sun bathed umbrellas shielded me from the harsh Californian sun while I enjoyed a sumptuous salad on the terrace. Soft music drifted through on the gentle breeze while the wait staff took care of my every whim.

If I could have moved into this paradise I would have left and returned with my worldly possessions by nightfall. Alas it couldn’t be so.

List building and client attraction made a visit to Balboa Park from Australia possible.

Words don’t do justice (nor my lack of photography skills).

That was just one of my magical days in the United States of America. I returned to Australia only ten days ago and yet before I caught my flight out of Phoenix I was planning my return.

There were so many highlights over my 29 days in America I struggle to choose a favourite. It’s like asking a parent to choose between children.

Kimberly Kling and Caylie Price met with Kim becoming web developer for Caylie's clients

Meeting and spending time with Kimberly Kling, my friend of four years and web designer to a number of my clients, was like catching up with a sister and best friend all rolled in one. Her adorable family welcomed me with open arms and love in their hearts.

I am so grateful to many people:

  • Salaam Willis – my roomie for the Rise Live
  • Robyn and Don – my buddies at both conferences
  • Rebecca Berggren, Mylinda Power and all my fellow BSchoolers I met on the West Coast
  • Rooby, Marlena and Anna

to mention just a few.

But why am I telling you all this? Why should you care? What difference does it make to you?

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Don’t Be Burnt By Guest Blogging

Is guest blogging too time consuming to make it a viable list building strategy?In case you missed it, last week we were chatting about four reasons guest blogging absolutely kicks Facebook Ad butt. It definitely hit a nerve with many people committing to guest blogging moving forward.

The common concern however was that guest blogging can be very time consuming compared with other list building strategies. And it can be IF you don’t work smart.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out how to maximise your list growth while minimising time invested.

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How Guest Blogging Kicks Facebook Ad Butt

Guest Blogging Strategy - 4 Ways It Out Performs Facebook AdsGuest blogging – why bother with this supposedly time and labour intensive list building tactic when you can buy subscribers with Facebook Ads?

All the ‘big guys’ in your industry are focusing on Facebook Ads, shouldn’t you be following the lead of the experts who have already achieved the business results you seek?

(Important interruption: just because certain people and businesses seem to be everywhere on social media doesn’t mean they are necessarily successful – they may not be converting, they may be only breaking even or worse, enduring losses to pay for their promotion tactics).

Guest blogging offers a lot of benefits Facebook Ads simply can’t so let’s look at them in detail. Continue reading

4 Brilliant Small Business Concepts From The Artful Business Conference

Artful Business Conference wrap upIt’s now a fortnight since I attended the Artful Business Conference in Melbourne.

Wowee time goes fast when you’re having fun!

Let me say the conference was fabulous. I learned a lot, was reminded of amazing ideas, met super inspiring people, met online friends ‘for real’, picked up new clients and truly had a ball. Was it a great investment of time and money? Absolutely. I’ve reserved my ticket for next year already!

For anyone who wasn’t able to attend or those who did and want a refresh, I thought I’d share some of my takeaways from #ArtfulBizCon. Hope they inspire some ‘aha’ moments for you too. Continue reading

Should You Guest Post For Huffington Post?

Should you guest post for the Huffington PostHuffington Post. The holy grail of guest blogging opportunities. Publish there and you’ve made it.

Arianna’s emailed back saying she loves your idea and has copied in her editor to ensure your post makes it to the website.

The website.

You know, the website now owned by AOL that is the 71st most popular site on the interwebs.

THAT website.

Have a guest post accepted for HuffPost and prepare for the ensuing hysteria. Your and friends’ hysteria.

But is it all it’s made out to be?

Being published on the Huffington Post can open certainly open doors for you. Put their logo on your website and you’ve increased your credibility. Talk about HuffPost success in your bio and suddenly you’re an authority.

Not exactly poor results.

Before you email Arianna however, think twice.

Think about what you are trying to achieve. What is your goal?

Are you trying to increase your perceived authority and popularity? Perfect, guest post on HuffPost once. You’ve earned the right to say you’ve been featured. You’ve earned the right to say you’re a contributor.

Ding, ding, ding. You’ve got the prize.

Want to build your mailing list? Want to add a bunch of new subscribers in one foul swoop?

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