Better Business Better Life - Part 15

Does Business Planning Make You Have Kittens?

Today’s post is by my gorgeous friend and creative business wizard Elle Roberts from Studio Exsto. After connecting online I was honoured to meet Elle in person last September when I attended her inaugural Artful Business Conference. Enjoy!

Business planning is simple and we all have the skills required to do.

What is not simple is getting over the fear of getting it wrong, getting overwhelmed by the process or getting confused by the incredible amount of mis-information and jargon available out there in the inter-webs.

If you can just make all that noise be quiet and listen your own voice, business planning is simple.

It is about deciding what you want most for your business – you know those crazy pie in the sky dreams. Taking that dream and figuring out what needs to happen to get you there, then taking those things and working out what actions you take can to make sure they happen.


Share Your Customer Love Story – Blog Linky

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll realise I recently launched ‘How To Host A Swingin’ Blog Challenge’ which included an interview with Ultimate Blog Challenge founder Michelle Shaeffer.

Don’t be ashamed of the rock. It mightn’t be such a bad idea with temperatures very frequently over 40 degrees (104 fahrenheit) the last month.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge is running this month and has a really active group on Facebook for sharing posts and supporting each other. A great new idea being trialled is bloggers sharing their posts under a status update created specifically for their niche. This means bloggers within a niche can get to know each other.

A great idea! But why not take it one step further? Continue reading

Press This To Prevent Writer’s Block

First a little announcement. Excited much?!?! I sure am!

I’d been following an awesome blogger for about two years then six months ago I thought it would be amazing to guest post for her. Almost immediately I knew that was a crazy thought. Don’t be dumb. Her blog is too big, your post won’t be good enough, yada yada yada.

Anyway fast forward and along the line I gave myself a kick in the pants.

So today I’d love to share with you a little post I wrote that’s been published on the one, the only Michelle Shaeffer’s blog – Revealed: The Easiest Way To Activate Your Tribe.

Your support and comments on Better Business Better Life mean so much and motivate me to ‘keep havin’ a go.’ I’d love you to show your support to Michelle as well – she is incredibly smart and is brilliant at sharing her expertise. You need to check Michelle’s work out.

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Don’t Burn Your Books!

Takao Fire Walking Festival by Stan Chow

Starting a business can be like walking on fire. Hot coals burning your feet.



You know you should walk slow and steady but you want to sprint away screaming!

Where should you put your foot next?

You know those moments in business when you’re thinking how the hell did I get here and what on earth do I do next?

How can you escape the BURN?


You’ll always have those moments in business.  They never go away. But owning a business offers rewards well worth the temporary torture.


If you’re going to own a business you can temper the scalding by learning from people who have already been through the fiery hell and have achieved the success you aspired to.

Burns suck!! Let these business owners save you from pain. Continue reading

Hitchhike On A Donkey…Get Great Engagement?

Use personal stories to increase blog engagement

When you ask a group of bloggers for their most bizarre yet effective tips to increase the engagement of their audience you’re never quite sure what they’re going to say (especially when someone in the group has already shared how she runs naked from hotel rooms)…if fact it could be a little worrying.

So on that note here’s what they had to share… Continue reading