Better Business Better Life - Part 18

Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…

Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because...

When I originally thought of writing a blog post on the concept of “Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because” I had no idea of the response it would receive.

A couple of posts on Facebook and forty one responses later I began to understand just how long and AWESOME this post would become.

Thank you to all the WONDERFUL BLOGGERS who answered “Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…”

Personally, blogging makes me joyful because I see and am part of the awesome success, fun and support bloggers share. The blogging community continually inspires me to believe anything is possible.

But without further ado let’s see what our brilliant bloggers had to say! Continue reading

The Count Down Is On For…


Problogger Event 2012

It’s almost a year since I attended my first ever online business conference, Problogger Event 2011.

And oh my did it open up me up to a whole new world of possibilities and awesome people. At the time I wrote a summary post: 26 Problogger #PBEvent Tips – The Fast & Furious Guide.

I also got the session recordings which I’ve listened to probably 12 times since. Sometimes I pick up something new, other times listening reinforces my gut instinct. Either way, the moment Problogger Event 2012 was announced I was determined to get a ticket and attend. I was lucky and have been counting down ever since.

Other people weren’t so lucky. But here is the AWESOME NEWS…

Problogger Event 2012

That’s right. You can now attend #PBEvent 2012 virtually.

And yes, if you click the image or the links within this post and purchase a ticket I will receive a small payment. They are affiliate links.

Let me say this to you though.

Whether you purchase your ticket through me and directly through the Problogger Event site JUST DO IT!!

It’ll be an awesome investment of your time and money.

So what are you waiting for?

Twitter Direct Messages Done Smart

Last fortnight you read my rant about generic automated direct messages. Yes, I really did compare them to rotten eggs. Today let’s talk about a very smart use of direct messages to grow your community.

It’s human nature to feel valued when someone asks for your opinion. You might feel respected and trusted. Possibly appreciated too.

This is normal.

So as business owners and bloggers how can you leverage this concept on Twitter? Continue reading

Post Conference Blues – Get Your Buzz Back

Have you attended a conference recently for business or pleasure?

Don’t you love how exciting they are?

Meeting new people, making great connections, strong discussions, innovative ideas and the differing perspectives…

What a buzz they create in the mind!

Your brain overflowing with concepts to test and processes to implement. New visions and goals for the future. You return home. Exhausted but thrilled.

Then you fall flat. Continue reading

How To Add Linked Images To Your Sidebar

sidebar images

The Sidebar Of A Beautiful Mess

Do you admire the sidebars of your favourite blogs?

Some are absolutely gorgeous like the example above from A Beautiful Mess but don’t be fooled. They offer a number of opportunities as well. Continue reading