Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” by a fellow blogger Pauline Bennett of List Building For Newbies. I’m very grateful to be nominated especially in the company of six awesome women.

Pauline lives on the Greek island of Crete with her husband Bill. They moved over from the UK in 2008 and both work from home. Pauline is an internet and affiliate marketer.

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5 Blogs To Visit (Especially If Having A Rough Day)

Blogs To Cheer You Up

Blogs and the bloggers behind them make my heart sing!

Living in a conservative, rural town and being a young, female business owner in an ‘online environment’ certainly makes you stand out like a sore thumb.

The community in town is full of wonderful people; I have an enormous circle of friends and many groups I’m part of (especially in regards to sport – the lifeblood of any small town). I love that closeness of community and safe environment to bits.

But it can still feel pretty isolated when the people you see everyday cannot understand this ‘online thing’ and how you can ‘sit at the computer all day.’

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How To Maximise The Impact Of Your Tweets

Blogging Olympics & Small Business Olympics

In preparation for the Blogging Olympics and Small Business Olympics starting tomorrow you might find this infographic really helpful for maximising your promotional impact.

And if you haven’t already today is the last chance to sign up for the challenges.


Get It Done Now!


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A Tale Of Blogging Friendship + Live Blogging

The Busy Mum's Guide To Making Life Easy

Last week I was honoured to have my first ever guest post ‘Live Blogging For Beginners’ published at Beautifully Organised.

A little ironic given the most popular post ever on this blog to date is ‘9 Ridiculous Reasons Your Guest Post Submission Failed (And 3 That Weren’t Your Fault).’ Thank god the Live Blogging post was accepted and I didn’t look ridiculous… Continue reading

How To Create A Hello Bar For Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

How To Create A Hello Bar For Your Self Hosted WordPress Blog

I AM LEGEND…of the Hello Bar kind.

Most of us know placement and layout are everything when trying to capture attention on your blog. If you want readers to take a specific action putting thought into your design is vital.

Pop ups are a popular option for grabbing attention and they are effective in converting warm leads. The problem is plenty of people HATE them as well. Continue reading