Better Business Better Life - Part 2

The List Building Opportunity: When Is It Over?

BefoWhen does the list building opportunity endre you read this post I want you to tweet me and answer when does the list building opportunity end?

A. When the visitor decides whether or not to subscribe.

B. Once a person has subscribed.

C. Never.

D. Other… (please explain).

To answer this question let me share a story from last week. Continue reading

Google Is Lying To You About Guest Blogging

In this post you’ll learn:

  • Google’s position on guest blogging
  • The results possible through guest blogging
  • How to take your guest blogging to the next level

Transcript of Guest Blogging Is Not Dead

Guest blogging is a powerful strategy to building your mailing list, regards of Google rankings

So Google is calling guest blogging dead? I don’t want you listening to them.

Hi, I’m Caylie from Better Business Better Life and I’m here to tell you today that guest blogging is so not dead.

A little while ago, Matts Cutts who is like the connector between web designers, web developers and Google and the SEO world (search engine optimisation), claimed that guest blogging was dead. Google is no longer putting the same value on links within bios of guest blog posts and so there was no value in guest blogging anymore as a strategy to grow your business.

Well Google you’re wrong. Guest blogging is so not dead. Continue reading

List Building Mistake…My Confession

List Building Mistakes…My Confession TranscriptList Building Mistake Be Human

Do you make screw ups in your business that you’re too scared to share with anyone? You think, my god, what would they really think of me if they knew what I did? Don’t want to share? Embarrassed about it?

Hi, I’m Caylie Price from Better Business Better Life and I’m here today because I want to take sixty seconds to share with you my latest screw up. Continue reading

List Building: Recommit For The Remainder Of 2014

List Building Recommit For The Remainder Of 2014The year is rolling by quickly. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, it definitely feels like time is passing more and more rapidly.

It’s essential that you check in with yourself and your business goals.

  • Did you meet your six month income goal?
  • Is your list growing as quickly as planned?
  • Is your business in alignment with your lifestyle preferences?
  • Are you on track for your twelve month goals or have you strayed from the path?
  • What skill must you develop or outsource to take your business to the next level?

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Increase Your Subscriber List With Guest Blogging

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to strategically guest blog to build your subscriber list
  • How to effectively use your bio link
  • Why linking within the article is a must

How To Increase Your Subscriber List With Smart Guest Blogging Transcript

Build Your Subscriber List With Guest BloggingSo you’ve been working hard and writing your best ever content because you’re about to be published as a guest on a great website. They have huge traffic and lots of subscribers. How wonderful!

Except when you do, you don’t actually get any benefit from it. You wait and you expect some traffic. You get some but what happens next? Continue reading