Better Business Better Life - Part 4

Increase Your Subscriber List With Guest Blogging

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to strategically guest blog to build your subscriber list
  • How to effectively use your bio link
  • Why linking within the article is a must

How To Increase Your Subscriber List With Smart Guest Blogging Transcript

Build Your Subscriber List With Guest BloggingSo you’ve been working hard and writing your best ever content because you’re about to be published as a guest on a great website. They have huge traffic and lots of subscribers. How wonderful!

Except when you do, you don’t actually get any benefit from it. You wait and you expect some traffic. You get some but what happens next? Continue reading

How To List Build Your Way To Total Independence

Can you make money with a small subscriber list?What does the celebrating of Independence Day have to do with list building?

The United States national holiday celebrates the declaration of independence from the United Kingdom.

The Philippines also celebrates on fourth of July with Republic Day, the day it was recognised as an independent nation.

Well, here’s a big statement.

Create a successful list building strategy that converts people to subscribers then buyers and you’ll have your independence! – Click to tweet

It’s that simple. Really.

You might be thinking…

Why is it that when I do everything the marketing experts say my list still isn’t growing as I’d like?

Why aren’t I making sales from my list?

Can you really generate serious income from a small list?

In the spirit of you creating independence let’s address those questions. Continue reading

The Shocking List Building Mistake Killing Your Profit

List Building Mistake Killing Business ProfitYou’re building a list. You’ve created your opt in and people are subscribing. Perhaps not as fast as you’d like but for now you’ll take the win. You can tick that off the ‘to do’ list. Thank goodness for that. One less thing to do.

Or it is?

So you’re collecting subscribers. Theoretically that’s wonderful.


You started out with a specific end goal in mind.

You did right?


The overwhelming majority of business owners and entrepreneurs will say their end goal is to sell. Sell their services, sell info products or sell their wares.

Or they haven’t worked out their goal. They’ve just started growing a list for ‘one day’.

The Problem With Generic List Building

The problem with creating an opt in incentive and subscriber list without an end goal in mind or with vague direction, is that while you will grow a subscriber list in some respect, you can’t predict future results with any confidence. Continue reading

List Building Or Traffic? Chicken Or Egg?

list building do you need trafficEvery so often I’m asked a fabulous question that immediately says write a blog post about me.

When Emma Veiga-Malta of My Bespoke Chair sent me her question I knew more readers would have the same question too.

Emma has recently created her stunning first opt in incentive ‘You & Your Beautiful Home: Tips & Styling Ideas.’ Seriously, when I say stunning well…whoa!

My Bespoke Chair opt in incentive

She asked,

“What are your thoughts about list building and existing traffic to site? Don’t you first need a steady flow of traffic to your site to build a list? Or is list building also about traffic building, in a roundabout way?”

Oh, it’s a bit like the old chicken and egg puzzle. What comes first? Chicken or egg? Continue reading

Before You Delete Your Opt In Incentive…

list building opt in incentivesWhy is it that whenever we’re dreaming of achieving something wonderful we understand how important it is to set specific goals and yet when it comes to list building quite often we don’t?

Perhaps there’s a lack of confidence, a lack of belief in our ability to control our list building results.

It might also be why such fear of losing subscribers exists. Such belief that you must have 1,000 subscribers before you can monetise your list.

We create opt in incentives hoping to build our list but aren’t quite sure what response each incentive will get and if an incentive appears to ‘under-perform’ we throw all the valuable content out and start again.

Reaching 500 subscribers was a long, hard battle for me, not least because I’d been in business for three years before starting to list build. Can you believe at least one of those years was wasted simply because I thought I had to create the perfect incentive?

I knew I needed an incentive to entice readers to join my list.

I knew about the various options for creating an opt in incentive.

And I still didn’t do it just in case I got it wrong. Perhaps you felt this way too? Continue reading