Better Business Better Life - Part 5

How To Avoid Lead Generation Comparisonitis

Unique Lead Generation


The latest super virus to hit the online business world.

You know the symptoms.

Looking at the inside of your business and comparing it with the shiny, flawless outside of your competitor’s business.

No one is immune.

I’ve experienced several bouts of comparisonitis but the critical factor is I’ve recovered and YOU can too.

So what does comparisonitis look like in terms of lead generation?

Comparisonitis symptoms include: Continue reading

The Landing Page “Experts” Are Wrong!

Lead generation, opt in conversion, landing pages and brandingThe landing page “experts” are misleading you and today I’m going to dispel the myth!

How many opt in landing pages have you visited recently?

How many have you subscribed to? 1 of 2, 1 of 4, or forget it…more like 1 in 20?!?!

How many landing pages are consistent with source you’ve just arrived from?

Keep this in mind and we will come back to it. Continue reading

How To Build Authority And Accelerate Your Lead Generation Success

Build Authority And Accelerate Your Lead Generation

Lead generation is facilitated by authority. Being recognised as an authority means that people are more likely to act on your guidance or direction.

That said not all types of the authority are worthy of pursuing nor respected.

Let me share a story from my high school years. Continue reading

Lead Generation From A To Z

Lead Generation From A To ZLead generation is crucial to your business. If you don’t have leads you can’t create revenue.

Yes, I know that’s stating the bleeding obvious but it’s amazing how many businesses don’t have lead generation strategies in place.

So each Thursday we will be looking at a different aspect of lead generation from A to Z.

If you don’t have a lead generation strategy in place or you have one but it’s not getting the results you seek make sure you sign up for the series below this post.

*Drum roll please*

Here are the letters and associated lead generation concepts the series will cover… Continue reading

Sales Leads Lost That Small Tweaks Could Keep

Website Confusion580Ever get that feeling when you’ve been looking at something for so long your brain is starting to play tricks on you?

That you’re seeing something that isn’t so, or worse, you aren’t seeing something that should be fixed.

How about your website? Does it generate leads for your business?

Does your blog have a clear focus? Do readers sign up to your email list?

You’ve looked at it daily for months or years.

Could you honestly have a fresh look at it?

Let me give you an example. Continue reading