Don’t Tell Me List Posts Are Worth Jack

List Posts Popular With Readers

Have you read advice not to write list posts?

That list posts have little value?

List posts lack the oomph readers seek?

Do you agree with these sentiments?

Well, all of the above suggestions are wrong and here is why…

Recently I wrote a blog post with 29 tips to revamp your blog as a way to celebrate my 29th birthday. It quite honestly surprised me with the response it got. It’s now the most commented on post I’ve written.

My second most popular post is also a list post. 9 Ridiculous Reasons Your Guest Post Submission Failed (And 3 That Weren’t Your Fault) received 46 comments, 26 tweets and 7 likes.

Also, take the example of Corbett Barr from Think Traffic. Corbett launched his site with the post ’17 Traffic Building Tips From Some Of The World’s Most Popular Bloggers.

110 comments, 96 tweets, 60 likes, 13 +1s. Not too shabby for a first post in my world (and probably your world too!)

Or try Marc and Angel Chernoff’s ’30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself’ on for size.

A mere 407 comments, 608k likes (yep K stands for 1,000s), 25.3k tweets, 5.9K +1s and 3.9k shares on LinkedIn. Frankly, until I saw this post these were figures I would never have even dreamed of.

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You Can Create Income From Blogging…No Bull!

Create an income from blogging. Learn from Problogger 2013.

Ask a business owner without a blog why they don’t.

I dare you.

What is it that prevents them from making the leap into the blogging world?

I bet it comes back to time or money.

1. They know the value of blogging for business but claim they haven’t got the time.


2. They didn’t witness an immediate return on blogging investment and so quit. These business owners are missing out…NO BULL.

Are you one of these business owners?

To create an income from blogging (whether a new and/or additional stream) you’ve got to be prepared to work smart AND hard.

You know the saying ‘no such thing as a free lunch’? Continue reading

The Nudie Run Of Blogging – Ask The Readers

Find Your Blogging Voice

Did you read the headline and wonder what on earth is going on?

Nudie runs on a site that talks about blogging as a business tool. Not perhaps what you’d expect but probably a good illustration of the focus of this post.

Blogging voice.

It’s something all the ‘experts’ talk about.

‘You need to find your voice.’

‘Do you know what your authentic voice is?’

‘Voice is critical to the success of your blog.’

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Swing Dancing Can Teach You About Blogging

How Blogging And Swing Dancing Compare

It’s the drama and emotion that first grabs your attention.

Then they delight you by adding in a lift or throw for good measure.

The crowd erupts with appreciation as the show stoppers wow and amaze them.

It’s a wonderful affair, as enjoyable for the dancers as for the audience.

The Australian National Swing Dancing Championships were a source of joy and entertainment for all involved Saturday night.

Ever since watching a swing dance demonstration at a jazz festival five or six years ago I’ve always wanted to learn or at least join the audience again.

After not having the opportunity to attend for so long I wasn’t going to miss out this time. It meant an eight-hour drive roundtrip but it was well worth the effort.

What does swing dancing have to do with blogging?

By now you are definitely starting to question why you are reading about swing dancing on a blog about online marketing and particularly blogging for business growth.

Fair call. Promise I didn’t forget my ‘normal’ pills this morning.

So let’s dig in and compare. Continue reading

29 Blogging Tips To Celebrate 29 Years

Blogging Tips To Smarten Your Site

Update: Following a few requests in the comments (thank you!) we’ve created a super cute printable of 29 Tips To Revamp Your Blog! To get your copy click here

You know how some birthdays make you feel old and slow? Sometimes your blog can feel stale and grey too. When this happens it’s time to spice things up!

Seeing as much to my horror I turned 29 last week (since when did I care this much about getting older?)  I‘ve decided it’s also perfect time for us all to freshen up our blogs. Break the routine and spring clean!

Here are 29 quick strategies to freshen up your blog! Continue reading