29 Blogging Tips To Celebrate 29 Years

Blogging Tips To Smarten Your Site

Update: Following a few requests in the comments (thank you!) we’ve created a super cute printable of 29 Tips To Revamp Your Blog! To get your copy click here

You know how some birthdays make you feel old and slow? Sometimes your blog can feel stale and grey too. When this happens it’s time to spice things up!

Seeing as much to my horror I turned 29 last week (since when did I care this much about getting older?)  I‘ve decided it’s also perfect time for us all to freshen up our blogs. Break the routine and spring clean!

Here are 29 quick strategies to freshen up your blog! Continue reading

Giving Birth To A Brand – A Fourzero Case Study

Fourzero Baby In Basket

When you launch a new business you are also giving birth to a brand. Both need nurturing if you are to succeed but how do you increase target audience awareness and even have a celebrity baby wear your range on national television?

Carolyn Chambers from Fourzero has achieved significant brand awareness through publicity since launching in June 2012. Having met Carolyn at the Artful Business Conference last September I know the incredible passion and hard work she puts into Fourzero’s success. I asked her to share her strategies and tips so that you can use them to achieve your goals. Following are Carolyn’s generous answers.

1. Tell us about Fourzero. Why did you start it? What is your vision?

Fourzero was started five months after we emigrated to Australia from Europe in November 2010. After a decade career as an intensive care nurse for premature babies and children in the UK and Switzerland I saw a gap in the market for newborn clothing in Australia.  The big brands do produce clothing for newborns but they are often fashion led styles and do not focus on comfort.

Fourzero is designed with my extensive knowledge and comfort in mind for the newborn baby.  Our clothing fits from birth to ten weeks so that your babies are settled in the best possible garments. There are design features such as flappable hand and feet cuffs that not only keep newborn hands and feet warm and protected but when they have outgrown the need for them after six weeks your sleepsuits still fit allowing for extra growth.

It took two years of market research, brand development and growth before we entered the market place with the brand. I believe this was necessary to develop the garments and brand identity of Fourzero before selling anything to the public.  Each design has been ‘road tested’ by mums and tweaked along the way to ensure that we provide the best newborn essentials that your babies will need.

Fourzero is made in Brisbane and I feel this gives us the edge in such a niche market.  We ethically manufacture and have sought out the best quality fabrics that are not over treated or toxic for a newborn babies delicate skin after birth.

2. You’ve been very successful in attaining publicity for Fourzero. Tell us about the highlights. Was publicity a key focus from the beginning?

Brand development and integrity is the most important part of raising awareness in our brand so that the public who see Fourzero in the press all receive the same message about what we stand for.

Fourzero has been in the press on average twice a month since we launched to the public a little over 12 months ago, June 2012.  I approach the media in the same way both on and offline.  I get better traction with online media such as interviews on blogs.

Because Fourzero is different to the mainstream and the fact we are 100% made in Australia, we are bending the normal rules and making editors take notice of us.  The ethos behind the brand is ethical, quality and comfort.  We came seventh in the National Australian designer competition “Launch your label” only six weeks after launching the brand as our quality and craftsmanship stood out along with our business acumen.

Fourzero is being recognised around the world for these factors and is the only babywear brand in Australia to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia because we do manufacture here and pay fair wages whilst providing a safe environment for the manufacturing team.

I care about how our babies are dressed in the first three months and I want the world to know about it.

3. How did you gain your first success? Has publicity become easier the more you’ve attracted?

Publicity and attracting the story is always hard work.  You need to have released the story the day before you even think about it! Media moves fast and no matter how good the story is, if it doesn’t raise curiosity with the editor it’ll never happen.

The very first success was having the large baby website Babyology.com.au feature us on brands to watch.

The biggest win was having our signature nightie worn by a celebrity baby on national television.  Fifi Box dressed her daughter Trixie in our Pink star nightie for her debut on Sunrise for Mother’s Day; a pleasant and wonderful surprise. Continue reading

Success Is Personal. Business Is Personal.

Definition Of Success - How Do You Define It?Know when you read a beautiful blog post and just think wow?

It happened to me last week.

The lovely Jess Van Den from Create & Thrive inspired this post with her post “The Success List: Success Looks a Lot Different to You Than it Does to Me, Right?”

Is it weird to be sharing this on a business focused blog? Especially given success is such a personal thing. I think it’s not only ok but actually important occasionally.

Business is personal. It’s all about relationships. Getting to know each other better allows for friendship and a smooth working relationship.

It’s amazing how our idea of success can change over time and then come almost full circle. While reflecting on what success meant to me it seemed to divide nicely into three stages so I thought I would share them with you. Continue reading

Blogging For Growth Tour – Week 2 Roundup

Follow the 21 day Blogging For Growth tour to power up your blog and grow your business

How are you progressing towards your blogging goals? Running hot or needing some inspiration?

There’s plenty to pique your interest, inspire your efforts or simply kick your butt into gear from week two of the Blogging For Growth Tour… Continue reading

Blogging For Growth Roundup – Posts From Week 1

Blogging For Growth Tour Week One Summary

Can you believe the week has disappeared so quickly? One week of the Blogging For Growth tour is already completed and another started.

Here is a summary of the posts and hosts from week one in case you missed any days.

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I am so grateful to all my hosts and you for reading! I hope you are enjoying the tour as much as I am!