List-A-Palooza Interview – How To Build Your List And Increase Engagement By Hosting A Blog Challenge

List-A-Palooza List Building Interview with Caylie Price and PJ Van Hulle

Super short on text today. It’s all about the recording.

What recording you ask?

Oh, just the super cool, mega awesome fun one I recorded with PJ Van Hulle from List-A-Palooza!

It’s called “How To Build Your List And Increase Engagement By Hosting A Blog Challenge.” You can listen right here:

I really hope you find it useful and I’d love you to tell me how it sounds.

You know how people hate listening to themselves speak? Well….

By the way, it’s not too late to join List-A-Palooza. Sign up for free or pay the $27 upgrade to get all the session recordings.

Artful Business Conference 3rd & 4th September

The Artful Business Conference

Today we have a guest post from Elle Roberts and Robyn Kyberd of Studio Exsto talking about their upcoming business summit, the Artful Business Conference. I attended last year and was blown away by the knowledge of the speakers and participants. 

Blogging is without doubt a great way to promote your skills, share your story, and meet ‘your people’ online. But many ask:

  • How can I integrate a blog into my existing web presence?
  • How can I use my blog for effective marketing and connection?
  • How can I monetize my blog?

All great questions which each have different answers depending on your business or industry. What we do know is, that behind any business – whether a bricks and mortar store, e-commerce website, or even blog – that the same creative business principles and requirements apply.

At this year’s 100% virtual Artful Business Conference there will be an array of seminars and master-classes directed to helping you turn your blog or small/creative business into something sustainable and spectacular.

The two-day online event is dedicated to the entrepreneur with business topics tailored specifically for designers, makers, crafters, bloggers and artists or anyone who is in business, or wishes to be in business, doing work that they love. Seminars and master-classes will cover everything from building and nurturing online communities, to online marketing, DIY visual marketing, harnessing the power of video, and managing different types of fear and motivation.

Often working primarily in the online space there is a strong desire to find your people. This interactive virtual event enables you to not only connect with the speakers but also the other attendees and build strong industry connections. Continue reading

The Lollipop & Icecream Approach To List Building

List building tactics to implement

Do you remember as a child going to the local corner store? Pocket money in hand ready to choose your favourite lollipop. Or perhaps try your luck on a new flavour?

I sure do.

It reminds me of the song ‘Sunshine and Lollipops’ sung by Lesley Gore.

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,

Everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together.

Have I got you wanting for a lollipop RIGHT NOW?

Well, that’s how building your subscriber list should be. It should be fun, easy and worth singing about. Continue reading

Solve A Problem, Communicate The Benefits & Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

Solve A Problem And Communicate The Benefits Of Your Solution

Big business can be as bad as startups.

Bad at what?

Bad at communicating the problem they solve and focusing on the benefits the customer actually cares about.

Let me tell you a story… Continue reading

Blogging Makes Me Joyful…40 Bloggers Tell All

Blogging Joy - 40 Bloggers Share Why Blogging Makes Them Joyful

A post called ‘Blogging Makes Me Joyful Because…‘ has become one of the most popular posts we’ve published on Better Business Better Life to date.

Knowing you enjoyed and commented so much I thought it would be fun to see how bloggers felt six months on. Here’s what bloggers had to say: Continue reading